Divorce, Separation and Post-Divorce Modification

Whether the prospect of ending your marriage leaves you feeling exhilarated or devastated (or somewhere in between), a divorce action is something that can have very long-reaching consequences on you and those close to you. Protect yourself and your loved ones from unnecessary heartache by making sure you gather key information and thoughtfully consider the possible consequences before taking action.

Get advice from a skilled family law attorney before telling your spouse you plan to file for divorce, filing a Divorce Petition, responding to a Divorce action, or entering into any agreement relating to a Divorce or Separation.

If you do not want to end your marriage, but do want to live separately, you may wish to consider entering into a Separation Agreement or filing an action for Separate Maintenance.

If some time has passed since your divorce and the circumstances surrounding your or your ex’s situation have significantly changed in such a way that portions of the divorce order no longer seem appropriate, you may wish to consider bringing a modification action.

Georgia Lord is knowledgeable and experienced with family law matters. She can help you assess realistically what the potential outcomes could be. She can also advise you on how best to raise the matter with your spouse — and do’s and don’ts for informing your children.