Services for Other Firms

Georgia Lord enjoys drafting pleadings and briefs and is willing to assist other attorneys who either dislike this aspect of lawyering or temporarily need an extra pair of hands on deck. She has extensive experience in handling litigation that requires the briefing of complex legal questions. She taught legal writing to law students at Emory University College of Law and Georgia State College of Law. She has demonstrated the capacity to promptly produce lengthy, well-researched briefs that persuasively present her client’s case. During her work with Fulton Superior Court she has continued to prove her ability to rapidly digest voluminous materials submitted by other counsel and promptly draft materials that clearly address the pertinent points.

Georgia is also available to provide counsel with an objective evaluation regarding the arguments being presented in a particular case. Her lengthy experience as a Family Court staff member enables her to provide valuable feedback regarding the potential strengths and weaknesses in a particular argument.