What is Collaborative Family Law? How is it Beneficial?

Divorces are often combative, stressful, unsatisfying and expensive, so why do so many people go through with them? For many it is worth the temporary pain to get on with a new life and a fresh start. But, did you know, you can get the same or better results with much less discomfort by using a collaborative approach to divorce? In the 1990s a group of Minnesota law attorneys wanted to find a more straightforward and even handed way to approach a divorce.  They came up with the collaborative law process which many people throughout the country use as an alternative process to a standard divorce.

Collaborative family law may sound complicated but the concept is fairly simple.

The couple makes a commitment to resolve all of their support, custody, and property issues through negotiation.

It has many benefits over a standard divorce like:

  • collaborative divorce georgia lordIn a normal divorce you are leaving all the decision making power in the courts hands. They may have an unbiased perspective but most people would rather leave their fate in their own hands when possible. If you can work together with your spouse, you can come away with much better results while working together than you ever could in a divorce court.
  • If there are children involved, a collaborative approach is much healthier for them. Children notice a lot more than people give them credit for and if they see their parents constantly at each others throat it causes stress. Also, if one parent tries to use the children against the other then it can end up permanently damaging their relationship with their children. In a collaborative divorce, no one is backstabbing or fighting. Instead the children just see their parents discussing their issues and coming to a common understanding.
  • It is less stressful on the couple getting divorced. Most of the horror stories told about divorce come from the constant infighting for custody, money and possessions. Since you will be working together in a collaborative divorce, there is much less stress and hurt feelings.